MAN; 15 ton

Lorry carries 6 horses  from small to large (18hh plus).  Full width and height partitions, fully adjustable to accommodate any size of animal.  Separate compartment for smaller animals and seating, water tank .  With full air suspension, for a smoother and more comfortable journey for your horse, plus whole body can be lowered to reduce the ramp height to help with old or infirm horses. CCTV two cameras in horse area to the cab for the security and monitoring of your horses/animals.

 Full air conditioning , so your animals can travel in  comfort. 

Temperature monitoring.

Satellite tracking.

Everything to top specifications for the comfort of your animals.

Although my first priority is to your animals I will also move some of your furniture if requested.

I have moved a carriage, small tractor, garden furniture and other items of furniture as well as the animals as part of our customers re-location.

Lairage in France and Spain.